Because You Just Never Know...

Fellow Neighborhood Missionaries, this is why we do what we do. This is why we cast the seed of attention, conversation and interaction with our neighbors - because you just never know what Jesus may be up to.

Mark and Malinda had lived in their neighborhood for 20 years. And for 15 of those years they had diligently tried to avoid a certain couple that were... well, shall we say "rough around the edges." They drank, smoked and had tattoos. They were a little too loud for everyone else in the neighborhood.  You know the type.

Then Jesus decided to intrude on Mark and Malinda's tidy little attitude and routine. (Yep, this is what we refer to as "Jesus messing with us.") You see, their congregation had gone through a book called, "Joining Jesus on His Mission" and, in a word, Mark and Malinda knew it was time to repent of their attitude. They knew it was well past time for them to go down and re-introduce themselves to their neighbors of 15 years.

And, wouldn't you know it, just as they decided to do this, a "For Sale" sign went up in the neighbors yard! They couldn't believe it. They felt terrible. Here they had successfully avoided their neighbors for 15 years and now that they were finally ready to get over themselves and join Jesus, their neighbors were going to move. Wow.

However, instead of giving up in defeat, Mark and Malinda immediately headed down the block to do something they knew they should have done long ago: knock on the door, say hi, and ask how their neighbors were doing.

And when they did, well, like we said, you just never know what Jesus may already be up to. Turns out Mark and Malinda were warmly received and had a great conversation with their neighbors. They found out their neighbors were worried about the sale of their home.  They needed to get a certain price in order to be able to do what they wanted to do in their next season of life. Their realtor, unfortunately, was not optimistic.

When it came time for Mark and Malinda to go, Mark took a bit of a chance and asked, "Before we go, would you mind if I prayed for the sale of your house?" Surprisingly, the couple quickly agreed and even wanted to hold hands for the prayer!  Afterwards, Mark and Malinda headed back to their house truly amazed at how Jesus had set everything up. But it was only the beginning. They hadn't been back in their home for 15 minutes before the phone rang.  It was their neighbor. She was breathless. "You're not going to believe it!" she said. "We just got off the phone with our realtor. We got an offer on the house and they offered ABOVE THE ASKING PRICE!"

Fellow Missionaries, this is why we do what we do. You just never know what Jesus may be up to! Don't judge your neighbor or ignore your neighbor. Have fun casting the seed of attention, conversation and interaction with your neighbors.

Because you just never know.