"Joining Jesus on His Mission" Book

Joining Jesus

“Joining Jesus on His Mission” is a simple, powerful, practical book that will move you and your people from merely thinking about being everyday missionaries to launching. You will feel both relief and hope as you gain insights into how to recognize where Jesus is already at work in your everyday world and join Him. A bonus Discussion Guide is included! Available in paperback as well as various e-book formats!

Joining Jesus — Show Me How, Book Cover

The way Jesus disciples people is simple and results in unschooled, ordinary followers participating in the mission of the Father and discipling others to do the same. This book will help you regain the clarity and simplicity of how Jesus disciples people in the gospels so that you can disciple your children, friends, neighbors or fellow church members to get up, follow Jesus and join him on his mission, too.

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To order directly from Greg Finke, email him at finkeonthemove@aol.com or call 281-844-7644

What are noted leaders saying about
“Joining Jesus on His Mission?”

“Greg Finke has modeled rare courage on his own life journey. Don’t hesitate to learn from the practical experience and true grit of this missional pioneer!”
— Will Mancini, Founder of Auxano; author of Church Unique
“Greg Finke knows the lay of the land in terms of moving into missionary mode as a Jesus-follower. Listen to him. Better yet, join him!”
— Reggie McNeal, best-selling author of The Present Future and Missional Renaissance
“Greg Finke gets it. If you’re going to lead people — lots of people — to follow Jesus, you need a method that is simple but powerful, true to God’s Word but translated into the vernacular. That’s the powerbehind Greg’s ministry and the power behind this book.”
— Bill Woolsey, Founding Leader, FiveTwo Network
“If I were to recommend one book that invites people into the mission of God, this would be it! Practical! Playful! Powerful! Greg is a master at helping people simply start!”
— Dr. Jock Ficken, Executive Leader, Pastoral Leadership Institute
“Joining Jesus on His Mission hits the mark. A must read for mission minded Christians!”
— Dr. Robert Newton, President, California-Nevada-Hawaii District, LCMS