"Joining Jesus On His Mission" Video Curriculum 

The “Joining Jesus on His Mission” video curriculum takes participants on a journey of insight and discovery for joining Jesus in the places they already live, work and play. Consisting of 10 eight-minute video segments, the curriculum gives participants the key “a-ha!” experiences and confidence they need to get off the bench and onto their adventure with Jesus!

Each of these expertly produced video segments concludes with the opportunity for participants to process their insights and self-identify an assignment for the next week. The goal is to help each participant put their insight into action at their own pace.

A free download of processing materials is provided for the video segments. The processing materials come in a Word document format to allow you to easily edit and customize the materials to fit your group’s needs. Other helpful tools provided in the Word document are a "Joining Jesus" graphic, sermon series outlines, and various applications for kids and youth. Download the Word document below for free.

By purchasing the video curriculum you are given permission to make as many copies of the videos as you need for use within your congregation. However, by purchasing the video curriculum you also agree to ONLY use the videos within your congregation. Help protect Dwelling 1:14 by safeguarding the distribution of the videos. 

Finally, by purchasing the video curriculum you are entitled to a 50% discount off the $15.99 list price for the book “Joining Jesus on His Mission." This is the deepest discount Dwelling 1:14 offers. That’s only $7.99 per book! (The discount applies to orders of 12-24 books + shipping.) Order directly from Greg Finke at finkeonthemove@aol.com or call 281-844-7644. When ordering your books from Greg indicate when and from where you bought the video curriculum to qualify for the discount.

Purchase "Joining Jesus" Video Curriculum

The videos come in a digital download format to allow easy distribution of the content to as many groups as possible within the congregation.


Download Free Processing Materials

35 second Trailer

90 second Introduction

"Joining Jesus" video curriculum Preview
(full length, Session 1)