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If you and your leaders are ready to move from mission statement to mission lifestyle, Dwelling 1:14 can help. You are ready for the “Missional Lifestyle Training Process.”

The Missional Lifestyle Training Process (MLTP) – An Introduction
The Missional Lifestyle Training Process is an 18-month process that takes your congregation from mission-statement to mission-lifestyle.  The MLTP is a simple, sustainable way to multiply everyday missionaries throughout your congregation and community.

The Missional Lifestyle Training Process – A Simple Explanation
The MLTP takes a congregation through 3 phases: Preparation, Discovery and Launch.

Phase 1: Preparation Phase
Dwelling 1:14 guides leaders through a Preparation Phase.  We work with you and your key leaders to lay the foundation for our work together.  Leaders will understand what we will be doing, why we will be doing it, and how it will be achieved.

  • Leaders achieve a clear and simple understanding of the MLTP and their leadership roles in it
  • The Pastors are coached in how to take the lead in this missional adventure
  • Leaders understand how current programming can be positively affected by the MLTP
  • Dwelling 1:14 shows you how to identify and recruit potential Missional Community leaders
  • On-site consultation with Greg Finke is available during the Preparation Phase for an additonal cost

Phase 2: Discovery Phase
With your leadership feeling prepared, we enter the six-month Discovery Phase. The Discovery Phase gives your Pastor and his missional pioneers the opportunity to discover how to join Jesus on His mission in their own lives and how to support each other in the journey before they try to lead others. The experiential-knowledge gained during this phase is invaluable for being able to show others how to join Jesus and eventually multiply various types of missional communities throughout the congregation and community.

  • We enter the Discovery Phase via the Discovery Training Event led by Greg Finke
  • The goal of the event is to train the Pastor and his first group of missional pioneers. A core of these pioneers will eventually become your first wave of Missional Community leaders during the Launch Phase.
  • On Friday afternoon the church staff and any available lay volunteers have a consultation time with Greg Finke. An informal evening with leaders can be planned, as well.
  • Discovery Training is held on a Saturday for six hours
  • Greg Finke can stay to preach at all service and lead a Bible class
  • The Discovery Phase is supported through monthly Navigation Calls. The Navigation Calls serve to help you implement the Discovery Training and prepares you for the Launch Phase. Navigation Calls increase transference of training by 50%.

Phase 3: Launch Phase

With your missional leaders now experienced and ready, we enter the six-month Launch Phase. The Launch Phase is when we go from a few pioneers figuring out how to join Jesus on His mission to multiple people participating in various expressions of Missional Community throughout the congregation. As the Launch Phase approaches its completion, you and your key leaders will have the experiential-knowledge needed to disciple new waves of Missional Community leaders and see ongoing missional expansion in the congregation and throughout the community in the years ahead.

  • We enter the Launch Phase via the Launch Training Event led by Greg Finke
  • The goal of the event is to position the experienced pioneers to become more intentional and consistent missional leaders in their families, congregation and community.
  • Launch Training is held for experienced leaders during the week. Greg Finke arrives and conducts a day-long consultation and training with the congregational staff and any lay leaders who can attend.
  • In the evening, a 2.5 hour training is held with the experienced missional leaders of the congregation.
  • The Launch Phase is supported through monthly Navigation Calls. The Navigation Calls serve to help you implement the Launch Training and prepares you to disciple the next wave of new everyday missionaries. Navigation Calls increase transference of training by 50%.
  • The weekday timeframe can be traded for a weekend for an additional fee. If the Launch Training is moved to a weekend, the focus remains on the staff and experienced leaders, but the training time is scheduled for most of the day Saturday. Greg Finke can stay to preach at all services and teach a Bible class.

What will be the results for those participating in this process?

  • They will be enabled to develop a deeper, personal relationship with and reliance on Jesus.
  • They will know how to perceive the Kingdom of God around them and join Jesus on His mission.
  • They will gain confidence in joining Jesus every day.  (This is for introverts or extroverts.)
  • They will see their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools with new eyes.
  • They will be enabled to live missionally, to connect with other like-minded Jesus-followers, and to establish and multiply missional communities in a variety of ways.
  • Their communities will never be the same again as they join Jesus on His mission.

This process has a simple promise behind it:

Dwelling 1:14 will strive to take each participant from uncertainty to understanding, from anxiety to excitement. They will have clear, biblical information and inspiration.  They will have a simple, personal plan for next steps in living their lives with Jesus in the world and connecting with other Jesus-followers for support and fun as they fulfill Jesus’ mission.  During the training, participants will have the opportunity to interact with and articulate what the information they are learning means for their daily experiences.

Affordability and Value

The cost for the MLTP is divided between two budget years, making it very affordable. Recruit another congregation to join you and cut the entire cost in half.

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