“I have known Greg since 2008. He’s not just talking about multiplying missional communities, he’s doing it.”
— Reggie McNeal Author of “The Present Future” and “Missional Renaissance”
“Greg has been a personal encouragement to [my wife] Gail and me as we have journeyed down this path in our own neighborhood and beyond. Most of us know or have a sense that ‘things aren’t working the way they used to work’ in our congregations. And, most of us are experimenting and pressing on new things. If you already know Greg you know that he brings great passion to the mission. He’s a gifted communicator and leader. He brings solid biblical teaching to the task. And, he’s a proven, tested pastor and has walked where you walk. I have great love and respect for Greg. Last week I spent a day with a gifted pastor in Omaha. God is blessing this ministry in significant ways. But, he shared that in the coming weekend eight of ten people in Omaha will NOT be in church. Somehow, in Omaha I assumed the magnetic pull away from church would have less strength than most everywhere else in our country! Greg understands what’s going on and can help build a ‘sending’ culture in your congregation.”
— Dr. Jock Ficken Executive Leader, The Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI)
“I was looking for a way to engage my Ministry Team in new ways of thinking about our work together as we headed into the New Year. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the programming and hours and hours spent serving people in the church and lose your bearings on being engaged at a personal level in living the Gospel. Greg’s time with us provided energy and insight that will season our conversations for the rest of the year, and, with the Lord’s blessing, the rest of our lives.
Thanks, Greg!”
— Rev. Wally Arp Senior Pastor, St. Luke’s, Oviedo, FL, a strong, traditional model of church and school ministry
“Greg brings a rare combination of passion and insight for helping people practice missional living. I have seen the fruit of his work first hand.”
— Will Mancini Author of “Church Unique”
“With all the important conversations out there these days about missional communities and discipleship, it is a breath of fresh air to have someone find a way to simplify it all. Greg Finke will bring a clear, simple, and intelligent approach to your conversations of how to reach the generations not found in the church today. Greg’s strong biblical and pastoral background are a huge plus.”
— Rev. Dr. Mark Zehnder Senior Pastor, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Omaha, NE, one of the largest congregations in the LCMS
“If God has convinced you that the goal of your leadership in the church is not to get the community to come to church, but to get the church into the community; and, if you realize you will need some encouragement and guidance from a brother who has become convinced of that himself and has navigated those waters in his own life and leadership, then Greg Finke and Dwelling 1:14 will be just what you need. Greg understands missional leadership. He grasps the need for multiplication. But, most importantly, he knows what it means to personally follow Jesus! He gets the truth that a leader first of all sees the vision, then lives that vision himself, and then, and only then can he lead the vision. Greg has personally helped me follow Jesus and encouraged me as a missional leader. The ministry here in Madison, WI has been blessed by Greg’s clarity of vision. If God is leading you to begin a movement of multiplying missional leaders, or you know that a transition toward missional living and missionary multiplication is in your leadership future, you should call Greg and Dwelling 1:14.”
— Rev. Jeff Meyer Senior Pastor of a multi-site missional church in Madison, Wisconsin