What is Dwelling 1:14?

Dwelling 1:14 comes alongside pastors and leaders to help them intentionally disciple their people to join Jesus on His mission in the places they already live, work and go to school. Every Sunday, your congregation gathers around Jesus in worship, and is then sent out to join Jesus as He pursues His Father's mission in the community. Joining Jesus on His mission is what is meant by missional living.

The name Dwelling 1:14 references John 1:14 and the incarnational, missional nature both of Jesus and of those who would follow Him into the world. Dwelling 1:14 helps individuals, families and congregations reorder their lives to join Jesus, have more fun, and spend more time enjoying people through missional living. Dwelling 1:14 is not about changing Sunday mornings but about what happens the rest of the week “out there” in the world, where your congregation lives.  We have found that when people support each other in seeking the Kingdom and joining Jesus in everyday life, really cool things begin to happen regularly!

Dwelling 1:14 is a 501(c)3 ministry led by Greg Finke, an ordained LCMS pastor with more than 20 years of experience growing and leading congregations. For the past ten years, he has been discovering how to live missionally, how to disciple missional leaders and how to establish and multiply missional communities. Let him show you how.

What are people saying about Greg and Dwelling 1:14?

“I have known Greg since 2008. He’s not just talking about multiplying missional communities, he’s doing it.”
— Reggie McNeal, author of “The Present Future” and “Missional Renaissance”
“Greg brings a rare combination of passion and insight for helping people practice missional living. I have seen the fruit of his work first hand.”
— Will Mancini, author of “Church Unique”
“Greg has been a great partner and guide as we started on the path of living incarnationally and developing missional communities. He encouraged. He accelerated our learning. He gave us courage to pursue.”
— Jock & Gail Ficken, Executive Leaders of the Pastoral Leadership Institute, Chicago, Illinois

How does Dwelling 1:14 work? 

How does Dwelling 1:14 work? Greg facilitates a process that results in your congregation being connected for discipling and missional living in their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools.  There are several ways we can get there, depending on what is best for your congregation. Check out the options available on the Training Options and Tools pages.