“Kick-the-Tires” Mission Conference

A “Kick-the-Tires” Mission Conference is an effective way to advance the mission-conversation in your congregation. It gives your people a chance to literally “kick-the-tires” on what it could mean for them to join Jesus on His mission in their everyday lives.

A “Kick-the-Tires” Mission Conference could be held on a Saturday or a weeknight. Invite the whole congregation and even multiple congregations from your circuit or region.

This conference is designed to be a low-risk way to introduce the congregation to missional living and advance the leadership's discussion about participation in the Missional Lifestyle Training Process (MLTP). If the congregation chooses to pursue the MLTP in the future, a portion of the cost for the “Kick-the-Tires” Conference can be credited to the cost of the MLTP.

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