Help the Next Church

Your donation helps the next church join Jesus on His mission!

Dwelling 1:14 operates with a 50/50 budget. 50% comes from congregations who utilize Dwelling 1:14’s services. 50% comes from donors like you.

That means the donation you make enables Dwelling 1:14 to go to the next church and help them join Jesus on His mission, too. If your church has already had the training and navigation of Dwelling 1:14, you have benefited from previous donors giving a gift to make it possible. Each dollar given helps the next church get started. Thank you!

Donations are tax deductible and can be given via check or credit card. Make checks payable to Dwelling 1:14 and mail to 409 Wickford Ct., League City, TX 77573. Donations via credit card can be made by filling out the secure form below.