We Still Have Much to Learn...

Leaders of the American missional movement, we still have much to learn...

If we are to understand the mission of Jesus we need to understand Jesus.

And if we are to understand Jesus we need to understand what He meant by "the Kingdom of God" or "the Kingdom of Heaven," for that is what He came to proclaim and display.

And the very first thing Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of Heaven is this: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."  Matthew 5:3.

Before we can really understand the mission of Jesus we need to understand the message of Jesus.

In this short seven minute video (click on the link below), without referencing Matthew 5:3, Jean Vanier gives us insight to its message and therefore our mission as followers of Jesus.


Note: the video is entitled, "Become Weaker."  Jean Vanier is a Canadian Catholic philosopher and founder of L'Arche, an international organization which creates communities where people with developmental disabilities and those who assist them share life together.