Step 3: Discipleship

If your congregation has completed the “Missional Lifestyle Training Process” and you are ready to see missional discipleship become the core of what your congregation does, Dwelling 1:14 can help. You are ready for “Reclaiming a Discipleship Culture.”

“Reclaiming a Discipleship Culture” is a 12-month process which builds on the "Missional Lifestyle Training Process." It enables staff and leaders to clarify and simplify their discipling process so that it can be consistently and intentionally followed throughout the congregation. In other words, your discipling process becomes so clear and simple it becomes the core of what your congregation does.

The “Reclaiming a Discipleship Culture” process reclaims every congregational group, team, committee, class and gathering to be a context for discipling the people of God to join the mission of God. In addition, the process helps the leadership of the congregation reform the congregational structures in order to support and champion missional discipleship. In other words, just as our former processes of discipleship were “institutionalized” and became the current status quo for our congregational culture, so we will now begin to reform the processes in order to “institutionalize” missional discipleship.

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