What is Dwelling 1:14?

The name Dwelling 1:14 references John 1:14 and the incarnational, missional nature both of Jesus and of those who would follow Him into the world. Dwelling 1:14 is a nonprofit ministry which helps like-minded Jesus-followers connect in their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools for discipling and missional living.

Dwelling 1:14 helps individuals, families...

Training options

Option 1: Discovery

If you are starting to ask, “How can we become more intentional about joining Jesus’ mission in the community around us?” Dwelling 1:14 can help. Pastor Greg Finke works with your pastor(s) and a small group of leaders to discover... >>

Option 2: Getting Started

Your congregation has been introduced to missional living through sermons, service projects and mission trips.  They have had several “tastes” of going out into the community as Jesus’ hands and feet... >>

Option 3: Going Deeper

For people and congregations ready to really dive in and get started living missionally and establishing and multiplying missional communities. They will leave with clear, biblical information and inspiration.  They will leave with a simple, personal plan for... >>

Option 4: Mentoring

Perhaps God is giving you pause so you can put yourself into position to be discipled by Jesus.  You don’t have to struggle with a 20 year learning curve! Greg knows how important it is both to ask the right questions and to recieve insights about... >>

Help Make a Difference

Help Dwelling 1:14 go wherever there are willing leaders, no matter their financial resources.  With your donation, you can help us go wherever there is a group of leaders ready to help their people join Jesus' mission.

Mission in real life


Reggie McNeal

“I have known Greg since 2008. He’s not just talking about multiplying missional communities, he’s doing it.”

Will Mancini

“Greg brings a rare combination of passion and insight for helping people practice missional living. I have seen the fruit of his work first hand.”

Dr. Jock Ficken

“Most of us know or have a sense that “things aren’t working the way they used to work” in our congregations.  And, most of us are experimenting and pressing on new things...Greg understands what’s going on and can help build a “sending” culture in your congregation.”

Rev. Jeff Meyer

“If God has convinced you that the goal of your leadership in the church is not to get the community to come to church, but to get the church into the community; and, if you realize that you will need some encouragement and guidance from a brother who has become convinced of that himself and has navigated those waters in his own life and leadership, then Greg Finke and Dwelling 1:14 will be just what you need.”

Greg's Blog

  • "The Girl with the Pink Hair..."

    An unusual look passed over the face of the girl with the pink hair and facial piercings. Then she said, "No one’s ever nice to me…”

    Like most great stories, mission stories are made up of a series of individual episodes. These individual episodes eventually are strung together to tell us the whole story. But the story itself takes time to unfold. Each episode within the story leaves the story itself incomplete. There is suspense and uncertainty. There is unfinished business. There is usually a series of “cliff...

  • It's Neighboring Season!

    It's “neighboring” season in America!

    Jesus is already on the loose in your neighborhood pursuing His Father’s mission of redemption and restoration.  And He invites you to join Him!  One of the simplest ways to do this is through “neighboring.”

    “Neighboring” is how we get to know our neighbors. Neighboring takes seriously the fact that mission happens best in a context where relationship and friendship have been cultivated over time. Neighboring may happen through a planned event like a cookout or through something more spontaneous like stopping for a...

  • What Are You Expecting to See Today?

    The Easter Gospels communicate many important truths. Here’s one I overlooked until recently: How easy it is to miss Jesus when we don’t expect to see Him.

    In John 20, Jesus is standing right in front of Mary but she doesn’t realize it is Him. At least one reason why? She didn’t expect to see Him there. “Where have you put Him?” Mary asks the One she thinks is a gardener. “He’s supposed to be in this tomb.”

    In Luke 24, Jesus is walking right alongside the two on...

  • "A Good Answer for a Misleading Critique"

    At the end of 2014, I was surprised to add up that my book, “Joining Jesus on His Mission,” had sold more than 10,000 copies since its publication in late February.  10,000 copies in 10 months.  Never saw that coming!

    When I wrote “Joining Jesus” my goal was simple: I didn’t want to write a theological textbook but a practical handbook.  I wanted to honor and stand on the shoulders of our best biblical theology without feeling the need to repeat all of it.  I wanted a...

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